Access to dental care for all.


Dental Cupid was formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to help alleviate the stress of patient overflow by diverting dental related emergencies to dental practices. Since its inception, Dental Cupid has enrolled a comprehensive network of dental providers from every specialty, which hospitals are utilizing to refer out dental emergencies, for which they may be ill-equipped to treat.

Dental Cupid’s journey began in Massachusetts, where Dr. Abdulwaheed Abdul, a dentist and practice owner in the state, reached out to a local Boston hospital to ask how the dental profession could be supportive as healthcare workers in the pandemic. The response was that hospitals made poor “dental homes” and that it would be helpful if their medical teams had an updated dental referral list. From there, the digital platform was launched where dentists could directly enroll themselves as providers for those seeking referrals for dental emergencies in their area.

The platform provides a matching service for individual patients and hospitals, seeking a dental provider. Dental providers are displayed on the site in relation to the distance from the user’s location. Dental cupid’s online directory provides the location, days and hours of operation, dental specialty and the forms of insurance accepted by the dental provider. The user can then select the dentist or dental practice and contact them directly via telephone or the web.

The use of the Dental cupid is free for all parties utilizing the site with no fees or membership required. 12,00+ dental providers have already enrolled on the platform as a response to Dental Cupids call for action. Increasing access to dental care during the pandemic and beyond is what Dental Cupid is all about.

Dental Cupid